My year in podcasts (2021)

This year's list is a short one, since there was only a handful of (new to me) podcasts which I enjoyed enough to listen to more than one of their episodes. In addition to those, my playlist included some of the ones featured in my last year's list — Darknet Diaries, Designer Notes, Gameplay, Hacked, and Three Moves Ahead.

Finally, a shoutout to Pocket Casts, the software I'm using to track and listen to podcasts on my phone for many years now.

The Insert Credit Show

"A relentlessly on topic smorgasbord of hard hitting video game questions as addressed by a panel of experts."

Half of the time I have no idea about the games they talk about, but it's a feelgood gaming podcast that I thoroughly enjoy each week!

Imaginary Worlds

A really well produced podcast about science fiction and other fantasy genres. I have already binge listened back to its 2018 episodes. My favourite podcast for this year.

My First Million

Business-related podcast which is a bit broey, but occasionally includes some good takeaways.

Bad Guys

"Two G(r)eeks talking about everything."

It's been many years since I listened to a podcast in Greek and this one is totally worth it.

Published on December 28th, 2021