The macOS apps I use on a daily basis
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The macOS apps I use on a daily basis

I started using a Mac as my work machine a little over a year ago. MacOS was the only operating system that I haven’t used professionally and I felt that I needed a change.

As part of that change, I decided to declutter my browser tabs and switch to desktop apps for whichever browser-based software I could replace. That made me explore a lot of macOS apps.

Here’s a list of the ones I currently use, in alphabetical order:

  • 1Password – password manager; I switched from LastPass a couple of years ago.
  • Affinity Photo – photo editing software; nice alternative to Photoshop.
  • Calendar – I have seen some very interesting calendar apps but for now the native one does the job.
  • Chrome – I tried Safari but I'm not ready for such a change yet!
  • Day One – great for journaling.
  • DBngin – manages local database servers.
  • Magnet – a window manager for Mac, to replicate some of the amazing window management functionality which comes natively in Windows.
  • Microsoft Office suite – Teams for comms; OneDrive for files; I intend to try some alternatives to Word & Excel but for now they do the job.
  • Mimestream – a native macOS email client for Gmail. I tried a lot of desktop mail apps and it’s the only one that finally convinced me to give up opening Gmail on the web.
  • Notion – holds all of my notes.
  • Oh my Zsh – a great addition to the native terminal.
  • PhpStorm – my IDE of choice.
  • Spotify – for my music.
  • TablePlus – database management tool.
  • Todoist – where I keep all of my to-do lists.
  • TorGuard – for when I need a VPN.
  • Slack – communication tool.
  • Sublime Text – simple text editor.