You don't get what you don't ask for

As a naturally shy person, it was a real game changer when I realised how many things you can get if you simply ask for them.

Dates, jobs, raises, upgrades, discounts, you name it.

Not with any elaborate scheme or using special persuasion techniques; simply by being bold enough to ask. And by being kind; that always helps!

On New Year's Day 2022, I noticed that Derek Sivers’ Twitter header included a version of Anything You Want in the same format as his self-published books.

Coincidentally, earlier that day I was browsing my bookcase and thinking that I would love for Anything You Want to be in the same format as the rest since it looked out of place next to them — we all have our quirks.

Excited, I looked around but couldn't find any mention of its existence. Therefore, I assumed it was just something that Derek printed for himself. But that didn’t stop me from asking. And behold, after a couple of weeks, I was lucky enough to end up with a copy at my doorstep!

I have discussed this notion with a lot of people and I find really astonishing that even extroverts often don't bother asking for things they want.

Maybe it has to do with a fear of rejection, embarrassment, or thinking that something is almost impossible to happen so why bother asking for it.

The next time you want something, ask for it kindly. The worst thing that could happen is to hear “no”.

Published on June 18th, 2022