Just do it

Yesterday, I wrote about a very simple put amazingly impactful productivity tip:

Whichever task comes up to my mind that cannot be accomplished at that moment in time, gets immediately logged in my to-do list.

In that essay, I expanded on the to-do list part. The first half of the sentence though, forms a separate tip on its own, which I also picked from the “Getting Things Done” book:

When a task comes up that I can accomplish in under 2 minutes, I just do it then and there.

There may be rare cases that this cannot happen, but the vast majority of such tasks will never end up in my to-do list.

Instead, they become quick wins; they don't clutter my lists and I immediately gain the great feeling that comes with accomplishing something.

It's also a great way to kick start a new project and build momentum while breaking off larger tasks into smaller ones — do a few quick and easy ones and the project is already underway.

Published on April 24th, 2022